5+1 Value Set

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In our 5+1 Set, you get 6 microdrink 12-packs for the price of 5. Get your 5+1 Value Set now and expand your collection of delicious microdrinks!

→ 72 cubes waterdrop® microdrinks
→ Dissolve 1 cube in 15-20 fl oz (400-600 ml) of fresh, cold water
→ Natural fruit and plant extracts
→ Without artificial preservatives
→ Sugar-free – suitable for diabetics
→ Sweetened with stevia leaf extract
→ Contains valuable vitamins
→ Sustainable packaging

waterdrop® Microdrinks and Microteas are not and shall not be considered food supplements in any circumstances. They do not ensure or supplement the daily vitamin intake and do not substitute a healthy diet.


Find your flavor.

What's it to be? Berry, citrusy or tropical? Discover our 5+1 Value Set with 6 fruity flavors and find your favorite now!

Your dry spell ends here.

Our sugar-free microdrinks enrich your water with the taste of real fruit & plant extracts and contain valuable vitamins. That's not all: Thanks to their convenient size and shape, they fit through any bottle neck so that you easily stay hydrated wherever you are.