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Welcome to your new way of drinking

Having a hard time drinking enough water? We got you. waterdrop® microdrinks are small cubes, with a big impact: Drop them in fresh water and enjoy a flavor explosion full of vitamins.

 Water drinking made easy.



4 delicious





Fruit and Plant Extracts

3 simple steps to drink more water:

Step 1

Fill in 15-20oz of still or
sparkling water

Step 2

Allow the cube to
fully dissolve

Step 3

Enjoy ice cold for maximum
drinking pleasure

3 simple steps to drink more water:

Step 1  

Fill in 15-20oz of still or
sparkling water.

Step 2

Allow the cube to
dissolve completely.

Step 3

Enjoy ice cold for maximum
drinking pleasure. 

What's a Taster Pack?

Our waterdrop® Taster Pack contains all 4 of our delicious microdrink flavors (3 cubes per flavor). Empower your water and find your favorite!

Cross your heart, do you drink enough?

60% of your body consists of water. It keeps you going throughout the day, reduces cravings and fatigue, gives you energy, motivates and lets you shine from the inside out. To put it bluntly — we need it.

Let us help you reach your daily drinking goal with waterdrop®.

The more, the merrier

Refer 1 friend to receive an exclusive $20 coupon. The first 1,000 to refer 3 friends can look forward to an additional 34oz Steel Bottle (worth $49).

 And the best part? You help your loved ones make good choices and lead a healthy lifestyle while collecting free goodies.

What our community has to say

I love this water bottle. Not only is it beautiful – people ask me about it and I love the bamboo cap – it actually keeps drinks cold for hours and hours. Looking forward to trying it with hot drinks eventually, too. It's a little bit heavier than I expected, probably due to its double walls. Bonus: it fits in my car cup holder!


Excellent choice it was to give Waterdrop a try in increasing H2O!!!

Sharon C.

Nice color, eco friendly, good size and material!

Yadira T.

Beautiful bottle beyond what I expected!

Jessie S.

Such a great water bottle, I love how sleek it is and it keeps my water cold all day

Karleen T.

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