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Starter Set Microdrink Thermo Steel

18 Microdrink Hydration Cubes with Vitamins – Zero sugar · 20 oz Vacuum Insulated, Double-Walled Stainless Steel Bottle

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Size: 20 oz
Color: pastel orange matte
+ Metal bottle cap
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Natural Extracts
Valuable Vitamins
Zero Sugar
Vacuum Insulated Steel Bottle

Water. Drop. Enjoy!

A waterdrop® Microdrink is a small, sugar-free cube that adds a burst of fruity flavour to your water in just 3 easy steps:
WATER 14-20 fl oz of cold water
DROP Dissolve the cube completely
ENJOY Enjoy your fruity refreshment
At home & on the go

Never drink too little water again!

You find yourself running dry far too often? It's time to put an end to it: our sugar-free Microdrinks revitalize your water with the taste of real fruits and also contain valuable vitamins – so you always have a good reason to drink. Discover 6 flavors in this convenient Microdrink Taster Pack!