No sugar,

less plastic.

The temptation is real: in a world cursed by Sugarplastic, reaching out for your favorite sugary drink is easier than ever. With everyone telling themselves it's just one bottle, we have somehow accumulated 171 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean.

How can we rid ourselves of the bottles that plague our lives with sugar and an ever-growing amount of plastic? Well, we're here with the solution.

Did you know?

The average person ingests a credit card worth of microplastic per week.

By 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the number of fish.

1.2 million plastic bottles are used every minute. Only 9% end up recycled.

It's time to rethink your drink.

Here's how we play our part.

28,883,150 plastic bottles saved

(Last updated: March 2024)
Find out how many plastic bottles and CO2 you have saved so far with waterdrop®.

Our sturdy reusable water bottles help you reduce waste – reuse, refill, repeat!

For each bottle you purchase, we collect 2 plastic bottles from the environment.

We save up to 98% of plastic and CO2 emissions as compared to 500ml bottled drinks.

But wait, there's more!

Through Plastic Bank, not only do we collect two plastic bottles from the environment for every bottle sold – our actions also support these UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Discover the impact we're making by exploring our interactive map of plastic waste collection sites:

Give your packaging a second life. Simply return them to your nearest store and exchange them for points.
Discover our products and start drinking sustainably today!

We're on a mission to make a positive impact, and we can't do it alone!
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