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"Encouraging people all over the world to drink more water and less sugary beverages – that is the mission of waterdrop®. It has been proven that drinking enough water has innumerable health benefits.

We want to shake up the beverage industry as we know that filling and transporting sugary beverages in plastic bottles is simply outdated. We are now over 100 passionate, young people who want to
develop waterdrop® into a global brand."

Martin D. Murray, Founder & CEO

How can you contact us?

Press: press@waterdrop.com
Influencer: influencer@waterdrop.com

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Where we have been talked about...

"Waterdrop's microdrinks offer a healthy alternative as they are made from real plant and fruit extracts."

"The brand that inspired us to drink more water every day thanks to its creation of the world's first microdrink."

"Enhance you drinking experience."

"Drink more flavoured water and cut down on plastic use!"

"Waterdrop is the stylish hydration brand."

"The first microdrink in the world, that enriches and flavours water, enticing people to drink more."

"A revolution of drinking water."

"It’s a response to the large carbon footprint of the drinks industry, which ships glass and plastic worldwide."

"waterdrop®'s approach disrupts the core model of the beverage giants."