This summer, VIBE with Physalis, Rosemary & Peppermint

This summer, VIBE with Physalis, Rosemary & Peppermint

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Picture this: you are basking in the golden rays of the sun while the soft lapping of the ocean is interrupted only by the laughter of your best friends. A gentle breeze cools the light perspiration brought on by the summer heat and you reach for your bottle. You bring the bottle to your lips, guiding the cool and refreshing water into your mouth. Your taste buds delight at the sweetness that is soon accompanied by the refreshing, aromatic, and herbaceous rosemary and mint that instantly awakens your senses. You are ready to VIBE.

With summer comes heat, blue skies, and great memories. Whether you are hiking, playing sports, or just lounging by the pool, staying hydrated is both difficult and necessary. This is why, just in time for the summer sun, we are releasing our new microdrink flavor: VIBE. With a perfect balance of the sweet flavor of physalis and refreshingly herbaceous rosemary and peppermint extracts, VIBE is designed to invigorate your senses and keep you vibing under the summer sun and the starlit nights.

The ingredients of VIBE

VIBE Ingredient: Physalis | waterdrop®


Often known as groundcherries, Physalis is a sweet fruit native to the subtropical regions of America and has several medical uses. Finding its way into Chinese medicine, Physalis has been used for centuries to treat sore throats, fevers, and coughs. After being brought to South Africa by English settlers, the physalis plant became so popular that it became affectionately known as the Cape gooseberry.


Resembling a tomato, its sweet flavor balances perfectly with the refreshing tastes of rosemary and peppermint while contributing vitamin C, thiamin, and niacin to all who consume it. Physalis may be just one of the ingredients in VIBE, but its sweet flavor is an important part of its delicious and invigorating flavor.

VIBE Ingredient: Rosemary | waterdrop®


The fragrant rosemary plant is commonly used in cooking and its essence extracted as an oil. Native to Asia and the Mediteranean, rosemary’s powerful and invigorating odor has made it popular around the world and is enjoyed not only for its smell and herbaceous flavor, but for its health benefits as well.


Rosemary extract is an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and is known to boost the immune system. This is why it is an essential component of VIBE, its flavor is matched only by its plentiful nutritional value.

VIBE Ingredient: Peppermint | waterdrop®


Like the rosemary herb, peppermint has been a part of the human diet for centuries. Its rich aroma and unique flavor are used around the world in countless recipes, including VIBE. Ingesting peppermint extract will provide you with an array of nutrients, from vitamin A and iron, to manganese and folate, along with a surplus of antioxidants.


Cultivated around the world, peppermint provides the refreshing note to VIBE that makes it the perfect summertime treat. Peppermint extract has been known to relieve indigestion and disguise less-than-desirable breath.

How does VIBE keep you vibing?

It is known that dehydration can cause dizziness and fatigue, two of the most common ways to ruin a VIBE. This is why we encourage the simple act of drinking water as it can drastically benefit your system and keep the VIBE going. Whether you are with friends or family, or are enjoying some much needed me-time under the summer sun, drinking 2 liters of water per day can contribute to the healthy and sustainable life that we all deserve. While the delicious flavors of physalis, rosemary, and peppermint stimulate your taste buds, the plentiful vitamins make their way into your system and provide you with the nutrients your body is craving. So pop a VIBE cube into some cold water, put your feet up, and enjoy. It’s like a beach day in your bottle.

VIBE & Friends

This time around, we not only wanted to bring the new flavor—we wanted to expand its world with beautiful and sun-kissed accessories. With everything you need for a day at the beach, and the after-party, the brand new and limited accessories are sure to make you the star of the party.

Stay hydrated in style—and get ready to VIBE.