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The human body is made of roughly 60% water. For this reason, it is essential that we consume plenty of water (2 liters per day) in order to stay healthy and keep our bodies in balance.

We believe that water is already the best drink out there, but sometimes you crave flavor that water just does not have - this is where flavored water comes in. Instead of sugary beverages that overload our systems with ingredients we don’t need, flavored water offers us hydration without the extraneous chemicals. Using highest quality fruits and herbs from around the globe, you can feel sure that your natural flavored water beverage contributes to a bright and sustainable future. At waterdrop®, we are committed to helping you drink more water keeping you hydrated with our flavored microdrinks, one sip at a time.

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The flavored water market has become flooded with countless options, making it difficult to know which option is the best flavored water for you.

Whether the beverage is ready-made or do-it-yourself, being aware of sugar-content and artificial ingredients is a must when deciding what product to reach for. This is where waterdrop® comes in. Our unique microdrink selection has been designed specifically to keep you hydrated while satisfying your desire for a great tasting beverage without flooding your system with unnecessary chemicals.

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At waterdrop® we believe that sustainability isn’t a privilege, we see it as a requirement. 

We envision a world without single-serve plastic bottles, and our microdrinks are a step in the right direction. By eliminating the majority of packaging, we have reduced our plastic use and CO2 emissions by 98%. This means that by dropping a microdrink into a cold glass of water rather than purchasing a ready made beverage, you are contributing to the fight for a better future for our planet. 

Microdrinks: the way of the future?

Boasting a large and diverse range of flavors, our sugar-free microdrinks are an incredibly easy way to enjoy flavored water. Using only highest quality natural ingredients, our microdrinks have filled the void in the market for a delicious product that can easily be added to your water on the go without generating a large amount of waste, and without creating a mess. Just add the microdrink cube to a glass or bottle of water and watch it fizz and transform your plain water into a tasty and nutritious beverage, it’s that simple!

Whether it be our calming ZEN flavor or the invigorating SHIRO, our products have been specifically created to suit your needs - whether you need an energy boost, relaxation, or you simply want to enjoy a tasty beverage. Here is a list of our sugar-free, low calorie (max. 5 calories per cube), and vegan microdrinks to help you decide which one (or two, or three) is for you:

LOVE – Fall head over heels.

Ingredients: Goji Berry - Pomegranate - Acerola
Taste: Smooth - Fruity - Sweet

One of our newest microdrink flavors, LOVE combines the extract of the sweet-sour goji berry with the natural taste of pomegranate, and finishes off with a loving touch of acerola extract. Not only delicious, LOVE provides you with vitamin C, vitamin B, and thiamin to accompany the hydration your body desires. Drop a cube into your glass of water and feel the LOVE.


BOOST – Power up.

Ingredients: Black currant - Elderflower - Açaí
Taste: Sweetish-tart - Invigorating - Tropical

Need a kick to get going? BOOST blends the tasty flavors of açaí, black currant, and elderflower into an invigorating concoction that is full of B6, B12 and vitamin C. The sweet and tart flavor of blackcurrant marries perfectly with the Brazilian power berry açaí and crisp elderflower to give your water the kick you’re looking for. Still need a BOOST? Just drop one of our effervescent cubes into some cold water and feel the energy!


YOUTH – Never grow up.

Ingredients: Peach - Ginger - Ginseng - Aloe Vera
Taste: Fruity - Summary - Soothing

If the fountain of youth exists, this is what we imagine the water to taste like. Blending the sweetness of peach, the spicy warmth of ginger, the earthy sweetness of ginseng, with the pleasantness of aloe vera, YOUTH provides you with vitamin C as well as vitamins B3 and B7. YOUTH is a state of mind, so pop a cube into your water bottle and enjoy the freshness of life!


GLOW – Shine bright.

Ingredients: Mango - Cactus fruit - Artichoke
Taste: Juicy-sweet - Aromatic - Gentle

Looking for that summertime GLOW? Look no further than our delicious blend of cactus fruit, mango, and artichoke. While the tropical flavors of cactus fruit and mango provide the sweetness, artichoke provides the tartness, bringing the combination to a nice balance. Drop a cube into a glass of water, watch it fizz, and get your GLOW on.


FOCUS - For moments that matter most.

Ingredients: Lime - Green Coffee - Acerola
Taste: Citrusy - Cooling - Refreshing

Life is busy, making it difficult to remember to drink enough water throughout the day. With the tangy deliciousness of acerola, green coffee and lime, FOCUS will help you Drink More Water and stay hydrated—the best way to keep your FOCUS.


SHIRO – Get energized.

Ingredients: Cherry blossom - Lime blossom - Ginseng
Taste: Refreshing - Invigorating - Juicy-sweet

For all you early-birds, and those wishing to be one, SHIRO is for you. With the taste of a vibrant sea of cherry blossom in perfect harmony with ginseng and lime blossom, SHIRO will lift your spirits. Rounded off with natural caffeine, it offers a fresh breeze of morning air at any time of the day. Say sayonara to sleepiness and start the day off right.


ZEN – Meet yourself.

Ingredients: Starfruit - Lemongrass - Thyme
Taste: Light - Citrusy - Refreshing

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find balance. This is why we created ZEN, a delicious microdrink which blends the sweet and tangy flavor of starfruit with citrusy lemongrass and herbaceous thyme to help you achieve equilibrium on the go. Life is about balance, so try out ZEN and let us help you find it.


In short, water is vital and we at waterdrop® are here to help. Whether you are tired of reading a list of ingredients that you need a PhD to understand, or you are simply looking for a new drink to try out, we certainly recommend giving flavored water a try.

As mentioned before, one cannot stress the importance of staying hydrated enough, and with the waterdrop® microdrinks it has never been easier. Our sustainable, vegan, sugar-free, and low-calorie products provide the nutrients and ease-of-use that our busy lives require — and you deserve it.

How to best enjoy our microdrinks:

1. Drop the cube into (15-20 oz) of cold water, tap water is perfectly fine (bonus points for sparkling water)
2. Watch the cube fizz and infuse the water with delicious flavors and ingredients
3. Enjoy your nutritious and delicious flavored water, it’s that easy!

Pro-tip: Add ice cubes, fresh fruit or mint to your water for the ultimate fruit-infused drinking experience!

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