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Limited Edition
Kola Nut - Green Coffee

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Natural Extracts
Valuable Vitamins
Zero Sugar
No Artificial Additives
Made in Germany

The best ingredients combined into one cube.

With the best fruit & plant extracts and valuable vitamins, COLA transforms your water into a fruity, refreshing drink.

Cola Nut

Mildy bitter, reminiscent of nutmeg.

Green Coffee

Pleasantly tart taste.

Vitamin C

Contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

B Vitamins

Contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

A COLA after your own heart.

Back by popular demand, it's... COLA!

Tailor it to your preferences and play around with the amount of water until you find the perfect balance of fizz and sparkle that works for you.

For a short time only: stock up, drink up and sparkle away!

WATER14 oz – for an intense flavor
WATER17 oz – for average flavor
WATER20 oz – for subtle flavor

The best COLA since cola

One of the most iconic flavors in the world has arrived at waterdrop® – but for a limited time only.

Using still or sparkling water, discover real kola nut and green coffee in the form of our convenient Microdrink COLA. Zero sugar and absolutely no artificial additives.


COLA is 100% sugar-free and contain a touch of sucralose.

Absolutely, COLA is vegan AND gluten-free.