Glass Cup Made of Borosilicate Glass - 12 oz

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Size:12 oz
Color:Light pink transparent
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These double-walled cups made of borosilicate glass make every sip a success. And when combined with our Sip Lid, even more drinking comfort is guaranteed—at home or on the go.

1x Glass Cup
→ Made of double-walled borosilicate glass
→ Filling capacity: 12 oz
→ Suitable for hot and cold drinks (Max 175°F)
→ Can be combined with the Sip Lid
→ Care: Suitable for the dishwasher

Robust outside, insulated within.

Characterised by a minimal rounded design, your hot drink stays pleasantly warm—and your fingertips pleasantly cool—courtesy of a double-walled borosilicate glass exterior. The cup can also be used to enjoy cold drinks, making it a truly versatile option for round-the-clock hydration.