Q&A with Conchita Wurst

Q&A with Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst, a talented artist and performer, is the ambassador for our Rainbow Bottle 2022. Since his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, he has continued to inspire people to pursue happiness with his art and music. Working with the United Nation on the Free and Equal campaign, aimed at promoting equal rights and fair treatment of LGBTIQA+ people, Conchita is also highly involved in the fight against discrimination, especially for the queer community.

We had the chance to sit down and get to know him better. Learn more about his journey and his insights on the LGBTIQA+ community:

1) Why have you decided to collaborate with waterdrop® and what message would you like to emphasize with this partnership?

Both parts of the campaign slogan “be proud” and “Drink More Water” are absolutely logical to me. Being proud is obviously an internal feeling that one only can experience once you are truly connected to yourself and have learned to really love yourself. Self love is self care in my eyes, from healthy nutrition to meditation to yoga and of course to drinking enough water. :-) So, being able to be proud and feeling pride means – at least to me – being present, open minded and connected to yourself.

2) As you taught us in these past years, when you express your full self, the outcome can only be stunning. What piece of advice would you give to people who can’t quite find the strength to express themselves fully?

Maybe a good starting point is asking yourself: What do I want from life? Once you manage to see that goal clearly – the things you are longing for – go for it! Be flexible on the way to get there and adapt as needed, be patient and take your time, but never lose sight of your goals and follow your own path. For me personally, my goal is happiness.

3) You gained fame worldwide thanks to your performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 8 years ago in 2014, a groundbreaking appearance at the time. How do you think the perception of the queer performers, and in general of the queer society has changed in these past 8 years?

I have a feeling that queerness arrived in the mainstream, which is a wonderful thing. But with all progress that we seem to be making in specific parts of the World, it seems to me that this is truly just a "happy surface“, because 69 countries on our planet still have laws that criminalize homosexuality, and in ten countries capital punishment for being gay is still legal! This is so shocking and unacceptable! In almost 70 countries is it still illegal to just be who you are?!

4) Can you tell us a bit more about the journey that led you to become Conchita Wurst? And what have you learned?

I always followed my instinct and the vision I saw in the mirror was the vision I loved. And I still love it to this day! With Conchita I found one facet of myself as a human being, and my mission to get to know myself fully is still underway! What I learned is that everything is a process that we have to take in and let it flow.

5) What is an issue the LGBTIQA+ community is facing that many people might not know about?

Daily microaggressions are still a problem, so much so that many people don’t even recognize it when they’re directed towards them. And those aggression multiply when you are a queer person of colour. Studies show that the most vulnerable people in our community are black trans women. This is an extremely serious issue and to amend it, it needs the support from our allies – and also our own community! We just all need to learn this and get educated to use our privileges and become true allies for those who depend on our support!

6) Who are some of your LGBTIQA+ role models?

Alok Vmenon https://www.instagram.com/alokvmenon/

Jonathan Van Ness https://www.instagram.com/jvn/

Janelle Monaé https://www.instagram.com/janellemonae/

Barbie Breakout https://www.instagram.com/barbiebreakout/

RuPaul https://www.instagram.com/rupaulofficial/

Cher https://www.instagram.com/cher/


Written by Jan Tungarat & Sergio Calabrese

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