Make the most of New Year's Resolutions

Make the most of New Year's Resolutions

New year, new me.


It’s a phrase that may encourage some serious eye-rollingbut why?


Sure, it may get thrown around a little too often, but in essence it is quite inspiring.


We should always be striving to better ourselvesin order to be helpful to others we must first help ourselves.


Goals and resolutions are acknowledgments of things we’d like to accomplish, improve or change. They are reminders that we can make our lives better if we’re willing to put in the work.


As we all know, seeing those goals or resolutions through to the end is the hardest part. Life gets in the waywe give in to cravings or lose interest and inevitably give up. With the odds stacked up against us, how can we make it easier to reach the finish line?

Setting goals & sticking to them

Step-by-step planning works for some while going-with-the-flow works for others, everyone is different and their plans should be created accordingly. Nevertheless, there should be some consistency: make sure your goals are measurable, specific, and achievable.


This will help you long-term as your resolutions are more defined and easier to track.


Being able to measure your progress is crucial as you not only know what is left to accomplish, but you can look back at your achievements and be proud—this will help you keep going.


Let’s say your goal is to lose weight: how much do you want to lose? How will you keep track? Is the amount reasonable? You want to make sure that your resolutions are feasible—few things are worse than looking at a daunting task ahead knowing that you probably won’t make it. That will steal your enthusiasm and inevitably lead to disappointment.


With everything that happened over the past year, we have been reminded that our well-being and health come before anything else. From washing our hands to keeping a good clean diet, it is our responsibility to do what we can to take care of ourselves.

New Year’s Resolution: Drink More Water | waterdrop®

Don't forget this resolution

There is one aspect of well-being that often gets overlooked, and a large percentage of people suffer from the results. It is a simple concept that gets forgotten or undervalued, and that is drinking water.

According to studies, dehydration affects up to 75% of Americans. Its side effects include headaches, fatigue, decreased blood pressure, and can lead to kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


This year, drinking more water should make it onto your New Year’s resolutions.


Our bodies are made up of mostly water and require an appropriate amount of it to function properly. From our digestive system to our mental health, it is crucial that we drink enough. Experts recommend 1.5 liters per day, but many factors play into the exact amount each individual needs. Weight, height, lifestyle, gender, and activity levels all influence how much is needed.


Now, when approaching your New Year’s resolutions it is important that you have a plan. Laying out the steps you’re going to take, what tools you may need, and how you will hold yourself accountable are three important aspects of the plan. Simply ask yourself, how am I going to accomplish this goal?


There are many reasons why people don’t drink enough water: they don’t like the taste, there isn’t enough flavor, or they simply just forget.

New Year’s Resolution: Drink More Water

To solve this, we created microdrinks: portable cubes packed with flavor and vitamins that make water taste delicious. Whether you’re on the go or at home, delicious flavored water is right at your fingertips. The essence of the drink is compacted into a tiny cube, so all you need is water. With no added sugar or artificial preservatives, your body gets the water it needs while you get the tasty beverage you want.


Dehydration, while often being caused by not drinking enough water, is also caused by water being drawn from our bodies. This happens when we drink certain beverages known as diuretics. Coffee is a common example. When we feel tired, we make a coffee for that caffeine kick. What then happens is the coffee draws water from our systems, potentially leaving us more fatigued than before.


We found a solution to this as well: natural caffeine. Our microdrink flavors SHIRO & NERO both contain natural caffeine which gives you the kick you need without sacrificing the water you drink with it. It’s a win-win.


So, when looking at 2022 and thinking about how you can achieve your resolution of drinking more water, look no further than waterdrop®. Our entire existence is to help people stay hydrated.


That brings us to another important point:

Accountability & support

You do not need to do it alone, and you shouldn’t. While it is important to have the help and support of loved ones, it is equally important that you have someone to hold you accountable. This could be a friend, family member, co-workerit doesn’t matteras long as they check in on your progress and do what they can to help you continue. It can be so easy to just give up, we can think up a million reasons whybut with a push and some encouraging words, we can break through the wall and make it to the other side.


Offer to be that person for someone else, you’ll find it equally fulfilling to help someone achieve their goals. Simple acts of kindness like checking in on a friend can make all the difference.


It is important to remember that no one is perfect, and it is okay to slip from time to time. What’s more important is that we pick ourselves back up and continue the journey.


Don’t forget to reward yourself when you accomplish somethingyou worked hard for it and that should be celebrated. If no one else is around, try giving yourself a high-five. It may sound weird, but it will likely bring a smile to your face.


Through the use of tools and with the encouragement and support of others, this should be a piece of cake. Which can be enjoyed from time to timewithin reason.


New Year's Resolutions are not about changing who you are as a personyou’re already greatthey’re about taking care of yourself and making the most of your life. We could all use a little work, so let’s do it right.


Wasser trinken mit waterdrop<sup>®</sup>