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Find the perfect compagnion for your hydration journey

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Try to imagine this: It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer and your favorite water bottle is cold and sweating with drops of condensation.

You and your family or friends are contemplating where to go to cool off. You decided to head to the park and have a picnic but first you had to stop by a supermarket to get some snacks, and of course, some cold, tasty drinks. You pick up a few bottled-beverages, one for each of the members of your picnic crew, instead of using your reusable water bottle because you are craving something more refreshing than just water.

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Bottled beverages have been, and still are, a popular way for people to quench their thirst, due to their on-the-go convenience.

The beverage industry has been working in the same, outdated ways for nearly a century now – by filling drinks into plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans, and shipping them across the globe. In fact, around the world, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. It was time for a change. In the Spring of 2016, our CEO – Martin Murray thought to himself,

“Why aren’t there any beverages that actually taste nice and don’t require yet another plastic bottle?”

This is how he came up with the concept of compressing the essence of your tasty drink into a cube, which is small enough to fit through any bottle neck. It was Martin’s most compact-sized grand idea and his opportunity to revolutionize the beverage industry. A few hardworking years later, the world was introduced to waterdrop® microdrinks. As you may know, we did not stop there.

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What’s a light bulb without electricity? What’s yin without yang? What’s waterdrop® without its beautiful drinkware? One of our main missions here at waterdrop® is to encourage people to stay hydrated and Drink More Water.

We’d got the tasty drink part down, but we still needed vessels for our delicious beverages. Enter our reusable water bottles. It’s no secret that we give high importance to quality in everything we do – whether it be our microdrinks, customer service, or our gorgeous drinkware and accessories. When it comes to our water bottles, the most important thing for us is that they should not only have exquisite design but also be durable and functional, or as some may call it – “the waterdrop® way”. We set out to create and offer the best reusable water bottles that we possibly can. Currently, we offer 2 types of bottles: borosilicate glass and double-walled stainless steel.

Glass Bottles

Let’s dive into the first type of bottles available at waterdrop® – Glass Bottles. All of our glass bottles are made from high quality borosilicate glass, produced exclusively in the EU. For those of you who are not familiar, borosilicate glass is the same material that is used to create research and laboratory grade equipment, such as beakers and test tubes. Their chemical and thermal resistances properties, as well as their resistance to scratches makes it considerably more durable than regular soda glass bottles. That’s why we chose borosilicate glass for our Glass Bottles.

To make sure that our reusable glass bottles are well-protected, they all come with complimentary neoprene sleeves. The sleeves themselves display the same design as the bottles, which means that the design of the sleeves will be determined by the bottle you choose. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, known for its resilience and resistance to water, oil, and heat, making it a good insulator. What does this mean for our Edition Glass Bottles? It means that your favorite bottle will remain cool and you can pick it up without having to worry about the water condensation dampening your hands!

Edition Glass

Size: 20 oz, Colors: 7

As you may have seen, our Edition Glass Bottles aren’t just resilient but also display a range of beautiful designs. When our Chief Design Officer, Christoph, designs a product, he considers every aspect of the user experience – from the moment they hold the product in their hands. In this case, he realizes that a completely round bottle is not the most ergonomic design to offer a firm grip, which is why our Glass Bottles come in an innovative soft-square shape, for easy handling. The pattern on our Edition Glass Bottles is inspired by our microdrink flavors and each bottle features the main ingredients of the respective flavor.


Frosted Glass

Size: 20 oz

Graphics and colorful designs are not your thing? We’ve got you covered with our simple, yet elegant, Frosted Glass Bottle. Enjoy this beautifully designed bottle, with the same ergonomic design but without the bells and whistles of Edition Glass Bottles. The “frosted’ finish will add a bit of whimsy but still offer a classic look to your bottle.


Stainless Steel Water Bottles

If you’re looking for a more shock-resistance bottle that can keep your drinks fresh and cold or hot for hours, then our Stainless Steel Bottles could be the perfect fit for you. These Water Bottles are made of high quality double-walled stainless steel, which will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. They are available in 2 sizes – 20 oz and 34 oz. The 20 oz size is the perfect companion for a hike, where mobility is key. It will help keep you hydrated with cold drinks throughout your summer hike. On the other hand, our 34 oz thermos bottles might be just what you need to keep your tasty drink fresh on a sunday picnic.

Steel Small & Large

Size: 20 oz & 34 oz, Colors: 14

One of the best features of our reusable Steel Bottles is the variety of colors it comes in. The Large Steel Bottles are available in 14 colors, while the Small Steel Bottles are available in 13 colors and the caps come in 7 colors for both sizes. You can definitely spend time to customize your thermos – your reusable bottle can be as unique as you are!


Edition Steel

Size: 20 oz, Colors: 9

For those who are more interested in beautiful designs but are afraid to drop the Edition Glass Bottle, we have just introduced the Edition Steel Bottles. This way you can have the best of both worlds. Available in 9 designs, these colorful stainless steel thermos with beautiful graphic designs might just be what you need to stay hydrated throughout the day — you’ll want to pick it up for a sip all day long.


Classic Steel

Size: 17 oz & 34 oz, Colors: 2

If you’re interested in a more timeless looking stainless steel water bottle, we recommend you check out our Classic Steel collection – available in 2 designs and sizes (17oz and 34oz). For a sophisticated look, our Black Matt Classic Steel Bottle might be a winner for you. The bottle itself has a sleek matt finish with a matching color bamboo cap. Another option is the Bamboo Satin Classic Steel Bottle. From a glance, it looks like a chic bamboo bottle but you can enjoy the earthy design with the durability of stainless steel and the luxurious look of a smooth satin finish.

*Please note that the Classic Steel Bottles cannot be combined with other caps


Glossy & Mirror Steel

Size: 20 oz & 34 oz

Our Steel Bottles are also available with a glossy finish. You can choose between the Mirror Steel Bottle or the Glossy Steel Bottle in white. These bottles will definitely offer you elegance and finesse through its shine. Our Steel Water Bottles are made in one piece – for beauty that lasts.


Leak-Free Caps

Leak-Free Caps

Suitable for: Glass- & Stainless Steel Bottles, Colors: 8

We can produce the best water bottles in the world, but without our leak-proof cap, they will not be very useful. All of our water bottles come with leak-free caps. If you prefer an aesthetically pleasing water bottle cap, which has a hint of an earthy look to it, you’ll surely love our Bamboo Bottle Cap. If you’re looking for colorful caps that would brighten your day, then we’d suggest you go for our leak-free, colorful Metal Cap. Fun fact: you can always mix-and-match all of your caps with all of our steel bottles to truly customize it and make it the best water bottle in the world for you! 

*Does not apply to Bamboo & Classic Steel Bottles


Limited Edition Bottles

Anyone who knows us knows that one of the special things about waterdrop® are our Limited Edition flavors and, of course, water bottles! What makes them so special? All of our Limited Edition water bottles come with special leak-free caps with inscriptions, determining which number in the collection the bottle belongs to i.e. No. 109/5000, means the bottle is number 109 out of only 5,000 bottles of that particular design.

The US has seen only a few Limited Edition bottles, for example the Suki Waterhouse Glass Bottle and the Rainbow Steel Bottle. We worked with British it-girl Suki Waterhouse to create this special Edition Glass Bottle with designs of beautiful water lilies in pastel pink and purple colors. The Rainbow Bottle, on the other hand, had a different purpose. We donated 10% of every Rainbow Bottle sold to OutRight Action International to contribute to their fight for human rights within the LGBTIQ community.

This is definitely just the beginning for our Limited Edition Bottles, and we have more heading your way. We would suggest that you stay tuned to not miss out on any of our Limited Edition Bottles. In the meantime, you can always get your hands on our standard water bottles. We promise, with bottles this beautiful, you’ll be encouraged to Drink More Water.


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