Edition Glass

14, 20 or 34oz Borosilicate glass bottle l incl. neoprene sleeve
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Size:20 oz
Color:FLAIR clear
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Disposable bottles are out: the popular classic made of high-quality and robust borosilicate glass not only helps you Drink More Water on the go, but also reduces your ecological footprint. Choose your favorite design! Available in 14, 20 or 34 oz.

1x Edition Glass Bottle
→ Drinking bottle made of robust, odorless and tasteless borosilicate glass
→ Capacity: 14, 20 or 34 oz
→ Heat and scratch-resistant
→ High quality, extra leak-proof cap made of bamboo
→ Easy to clean through extra wide opening
→ Innovative soft square shape for easy handling
→ Maintenance: Glass Bottle is dishwasher safe. Hand wash bamboo cap.
→ Glass bottle incl. protective and insulating neoprene sleeve*

*The neoprene sleeve contains a small hole at the bottom, so you can slip your bottle in more easily - pure physics.

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Bye-bye plastic

Made of robust borosilicate glass, our Edition Glass Bottles (14 oz, 20 oz & 34 oz) come in a variety of gorgeous designs and help reduce your environmental footprint. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and say hello to your new hydration buddy.