Edition Glass Borosilicate glass bottle l incl. neoprene sleeve

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Size:20 oz
Color:RELAX clear
+ Metal bottle cap
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Durable Borosilicate Glass
Dishwasher Safe
Made in the EU

Disposable bottles are out: the popular classic made of high-quality and robust borosilicate glass not only helps you Drink More Water on the go, but also reduces your ecological footprint. Choose your favorite design! Available in 14, 20 or 34 oz.

1 x Edition Glass Bottle

• Drinking bottle made of robust and odorless borosilicate glass

• Capacity: 14 oz, 20 oz or 34 oz

• Dimensions & Weight:

- 14 oz incl. Bamboo Cap: 8 x 2.5in; 9.5 oz

- 20 oz incl. Bamboo Cap: 9.5 x 3in; 12.5 oz

- 34 oz incl. Bamboo Cap: 11 x 3.5in; 18 oz

• High-quality and extra-tight cap made of bamboo

• Heat-resistant and scratch-proof

• BPA-free

• Fits perfectly in the hand thanks to the innovative Soft Square shape

• Very easy to clean thanks to extra large opening

• Care: Glass Bottle is dishwasher safe. Gently hand wash cap.

• Not compatible with All-Purpose Lids

• Incl. protective and insulating cover*

*The sleeve has a small hole at the bottom that allows you to place the bottle in the protective sleeve more easily—pure physics.

Say goodbye to disposable bottles and enjoy your refreshment from our reusable drinking bottles – at home and on the go. Together with our hydration cubes, you save 98% plastic & CO2 compared to drinks in 17 oz plastic bottles thanks to minimalist packaging. Learn more

"Great water bottle, hasn't left my side. The design is gorgeous. Really eye-catching!"
- Bryony
Durable Borosilicate Glass |
Odorless |
Dishwasher Safe |
Leakproof |
BPA-Free |
Made in the EU |

Made for You in EU

Our Glass Bottles are manufactured in Europe under the strictest of quality standards. The Soft Square shape, specially developed by us, ensures each bottle offers the highest of drinking comfort and fits securely in-hand thanks to its rounded silhouette.