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Beach Bag Limited Edition · Includes Detachable Inner Pouch

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Be it through town with an ice cream or in the sun on the beach, this bag will be your go-to companion throughout the hottest time of the year. Together with a small, detachable inner bag, all the important little things find their place next to your drinking bottle.

1 x VIBE Beach Bag

• Available in 3 limited designs by illustrator Raxenne Maniquiz (ORCHID, HOYA, VELVET APPLE)
• Comes with little removable button bag for essentials
• Dimensions: Top: 21.6 in, bottom: 13.8 in, height: 12.6 in, width: 8.7 in
• Outer material: 100% cotton, inner material: 100% polyester

Don't worry, beach happy.

3 limited designs and plenty of space for your summer must-haves: Get ready for any pool party or day at the seaside.