Limited Edition Twin Pack 24 Microdrink Hydration Cubes with Vitamins - Zero Sugar

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Natural Extracts
Valuable Vitamins
Zero Sugar
Made in Germany

We make wishes come true! Whether it's berry SNOW, tropical KOKO PIÑA or the refreshing classic COLA, enjoy your favorite Limited Edition flavor in an exclusive Twin Pack.

24 waterdrop® Microdrink hydration cubes

  • Natural extracts
  • Valuable vitamins
  • Calorie-free
  • Sugar-free - suitable for people with diabetes
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Store away from heat and light and in a dry place

Drink More Water in 3 steps:

WATER: 14-20 oz of cold water
DROP: Let the cube dissolve
ENJOY: Refreshingly fruity water

With waterdrop®, you save 98% of plastic & CO2 compared to drinks in 17oz plastic bottles thanks to its minimal packaging. For every 12-Pack sold, we also collect 1 plastic bottle from the environment in partnership with Plastic Bank.

Turn old into something new! Simply take your empty cube packaging to your nearest waterdrop® store and exchange them for Club Points. Find out more

"Delicious and super fun to try out all the flavors. The fact that they are sugar-free is a bonus!"

The best ingredients combined into one cube.

With the best fruit & plant extracts and valuable vitamins, Microdrink transforms your water into a fruity, refreshing drink.

Natural Extracts |
Valuable Vitamins |
Zero Sugar |
Non-GMO |
Calorie-Free |
Made in Germany |

Water. Drop. Enjoy!

A waterdrop® Microdrink is a small, sugar-free cube that adds a burst of flavour to your water in just 3 easy steps:

WATER14-20 fl oz of cold water
DROPDissolve the cube completely
ENJOYEnjoy your fruity refreshment

Limited, yet unrestricted.

This is your chance: stock up on our popular Limited Editions and give your water the irresistible flavour of COLA, SNOW and KOKO PIÑA – anywhere & anytime. All with zero sugar and no artificial additives!