LUCY® All Clear Set
LUCY® All Clear Set

LUCY® All Clear Set

LUCY® Filter Carafe (incl. Clarity Pad) & LUCY® Smart Cap
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We recommend changing the filter every 4 weeks (with daily use) or approximately 31.7 gallons of water.

Size: 3-Pack

Billed every - cancel or pause anytime. Note: Your Filter Carafe comes with one Clarity Pad.

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Enjoy the pleasure of clean water anywhere, anytime with this LUCY® All Clear Set! The innovative LUCY® Filter Carafe and the patented Clarity Pad removes pollutants from your tap water at home— in no time! Whilst the LUCY® Smart Cap is the perfect solution for on the go purification. Together with the waterdrop® Hydration App, the LUCY® Smart Cap will track your water consumption and regularly remind you to drink more.

1x LUCY® Filter Carafe

→ Filter carafe made of robust, odorless and tasteless borosilicate glass.

→ Capacity: 68 oz

→ Measurements: 5.7 x 12.1, ø 4.2in

→ Weight: 24 oz

→ Suitable for all standard refrigerators

→ More sustainable than comparable filter solutions thanks to the minimized use of plastic as well as recyclable packaging.

→ Maintenance: Glass carafe is dishwasher safe. Other individual parts should be hand-washed at max. 122°F. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or rough sponges. Remove the LUCY® Clarity Pad before each cleaning.

→ Made in EU. Further information as well as safety and cleaning instructions can be found in the manual.


1x LUCY® Clarity Pad

→ Filter pad made of activated carbon fibers with innovative ion exchange technology

→ Measurements: 0.3 x 3in

→ Weight: 0.2 oz

→ Filters chlorine, various heavy metals, drug residues, estrogens and other coarse particles such as microplastics. Further information can be found here.

→ Keeps healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water

→ Noticeably improves the taste and odor of tap water

→ Very fast filtration process

→ Filtration performance tested according to the European standards DIN EN 17093:2018 and DIN 10521:2009

→ Filter performance: approx. 4 weeks or 31.7 gallons with daily use

→ Easy to replace

→ 1 LUCY® Clarity Pad can replace approx. 240 plastic bottles (17 oz bottles)

→ Exclusively compatible with the LUCY® Filter Carafe

→ Patented and manufactured in Japan

→ TÜV certified

→ Tested by Eurofins Scientific

→ Use water only: don’t add waterdrop® Microdrinks or other water enhancers while using a Clarity Pad


1x LUCY® Smart Cap

→ Smart Bottle Cap that helps improve your hydration: - Purifies water using innovative UV-C light technology - Automatically tracks water consumption with special sensor - Reminds you to drink by blinking gently

→ Only works in conjunction with free waterdrop® Hydration App

→ USB-C cable included

→ Not suitable for waterdrop® Sports Bottles, Toddler Bottles, Tumblers, and bottles from 2020 or earlier

→ Not suitable for the dishwasher (must not be immersed in water)

→ Made in Austria

→ TÜV certified

→ Tested by Eurofins Scientific Further information as well as safety and cleaning instructions can be found in the user manual.


LUCY® Filter Carafe: Filters Better, Faster.

The clear design not only gives the innovative Filter Carafe an elegant, minimalist look, but the outstanding filter technology of the Clarity Pads also speaks for itself: with a particularly rapid filtration process, your tap water is reliably freed from various pollutants.



LUCY® Smart Cap: Cleans. Tracks. Reminds.

Start drinking tomorrow, today: the innovative UV-C purification function deactiviates up to 99.9999%* of potential germs in your drinking water. Together with the waterdrop® Hydration App, the LUCY® Smart Cap automatically tracks your water consumption and regularly reminds you to drink more water by gently flashing.


*The following substances have been tested by Eurofins: Colony-forming units (22°C / 71 hrs - EN ISO 6222:-1: 1999-07), Colony-forming units (37°C / 24 hrs - EN ISO 6222:-1: 1999-07), Coliform bacteria (EN ISO 9308-1: 2014-12), Enterococcus (EN ISO 7899-2: 2000-11), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (EN ISO 16266: 2008-05). For detailed test reports, please reach out to