LUCY® creates clarity.
Optimize your hydration with the LUCY® Smart Cap that cleans, tracks and reminds.
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LUCY® Smart Cap
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UV-C Cleaning Cap · Cleans, Tracks & Reminds
LUCY® Smart Cap Set

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20 oz, 34 oz · UV-C Cleaning Cap · Cleans, Tracks & Reminds
LUCY® Filter Carafe
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Borosilicate Glass Filter Carafe · Incl. 1 LUCY® Clarity Pad
LUCY® Clarity Pad
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3-Pack, 6-Pack · Activated Carbon Filter Pad · Save with a Subscription


LUCY® Smart Cap: Cleans. Tracks. Reminds.

Start drinking tomorrow, today: the innovative UV-C purification function deactiviates up to 99.9999%* of potential germs in your drinking water. Together with the waterdrop® Hydration App, the LUCY® Smart Cap automatically tracks your water consumption and regularly reminds you to drink more water by gently flashing.


*The following substances have been tested by Eurofins: Colony-forming units (22°C / 71 hrs - EN ISO 6222:-1: 1999-07), Colony-forming units (37°C / 24 hrs - EN ISO 6222:-1: 1999-07), Coliform bacteria (EN ISO 9308-1: 2014-12), Enterococcus (EN ISO 7899-2: 2000-11), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (EN ISO 16266: 2008-05). For detailed test reports, please reach out to