A word... with Lena Hoschek.

A word... with Lena Hoschek.

Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek never ceases to amaze with her refined designs and magnificent patterns, including her current collection "Lena - The Great Escape". This summery collection marks the third time that she has collaborated with waterdrop®. Learn more about the links between her fashion label and waterdrop®, the inspiration behind the new Limited Edition Glass Bottle and Lena Hoschek's tips for a healthy lifestyle:


The new Limited Edition Glass Bottle is now the third bottle you have designed for waterdrop®. What is the appeal of this collaboration for you?


Sustainability has always been very important in my company a basic idea that waterdrop® also shares and that connects us. I am very happy about the renewed cooperation and think it is great how splendidly our collection design has been implemented on the bottle.

As you say, sustainability is one of the cornerstones at waterdrop®. As a brand, Lena Hoschek stands for slow fashion and clothes that "can and should last for generations". Why is sustainability so important to you on a personal level?


I had the privilege of growing up in Styria and Carinthia as a child of nature; the protection of nature and of the resources that remain at our disposal has always been something close to my heart.

What is the inspiration behind the new bottle design?


The current motifs are taken from "Lena - The Great Escape". The Spring/Summer 22 collection is an imaginary ticket to hot summer dreams and tropical jungle fever and I think the waterdrop® bottle conveys exactly this feeling. You would like to use and reuse such a beautiful glass bottle and simply take it with you everywhere you go.


What does a healthy, balanced lifestyle mean to you?


Drinking a crazy amount of water, which I often fail to do. The smartest thing would probably be to put 5 bottles in front of me and only stop drinking when they are empty.  I'm just happy to have a nice bottle that lasts a long time, that feels good in my hand and that I can take with me everywhere. It's easier that way!


"The Limited Edition Lena Hoschek Glass Bottle is currently not available in our US webshop or stores."

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