Sports, Hydration & Sports Hydration

Sports, Hydration & Sports Hydration

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There are two important factors concerning sports hydration: having sufficient fluid in your system and keeping appropriate blood sugar levels. They both play large roles in how you feel and perform while being physically active.


Experts estimate that we lose between 27 and 47 ounces (760ml and 1.3L) of water during an hour of exercise. All of those missing fluids need to be replenished and should be done thoughtfully. Knocking back an energy drink will give you a temporary boost, but once it’s worn off you will be left worse off than before. What your body really needs is water.


Not all products are made equal


There are many products on the market that claim to be the answer to sports hydration, but few are long-term solutions and many come with unwanted side effects. For example,  pre-workout beverages and powders certainly do the trick in providing the sometimes necessary kick needed to get going, but they also drain the adrenal glands leading to what experts call “Adrenal Exhaustion”. This occurs when your adrenal glands are overworked and can no longer produce the usual level of cortisol which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, lightheadedness, low blood pressure and more. It doesn’t seem like a risk worth taking when there are options out there that won’t have adverse effects.


To better understand what we need, let’s discuss why sports hydration is such an important topic:


Why is it important?


According to a study in 2020, roughly 24% of all Americans participated in sports activities every day. That is a lot of people in need of extra hydration on a daily basis.


A lot of water is drawn from the system while engaging in physical activity. Perspiration is necessary when being physically active as it cools down the body, but in doing so draws water from the body, potentially leading to dehydration. Along with water, important minerals and salts are taken from your system when you sweat. Replenishing these now missing substances should be done quickly and appropriately. One can even prepare beforehand by consuming sufficient water before the games begin.


When possible, hydrating yourself with water is the best way to ensure you’re optimizing your body for physical activity. Water regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, encourages mental acuity and transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.


Should you need an energy boost, there is a way in which you can get it without sacrificing your health:


Natural caffeine


Available in many forms from multiple sources, natural caffeine is a great way to get the kick you need to get started or to keep pushing. Bonus points are given if you ingest it without added sugar and preservatives.


A great example of natural caffeine without unnecessary ingredients is the Microenergy line from waterdrop®. Using caffeine drawn directly from coffee beans, you can feel good as it was derived from a natural source. Those coffees beans are then used for decaf coffee, making it an even more sustainable option. Now available in 3 delicious flavors, Microenergy is an excellent way to get your energy boost. Let’s take a closer look:




Made using natural extracts from Mango, Guava and the Guayusa plant, ORO has a deliciously tropical flavor that not only helps you drink more water, but also gives you 90mg of natural caffeine per drink. Both tasty and invigorating, this new addition to the Microenergy collection is a great way to get the ball rolling.




Used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon as a stimulant to relieve headaches, cramps and fevers, Guarana is partly the source of natural caffeine for NERO. Guarana’s high nutrient content includes various vitamins, proteins, minerals and tannins on top of its energy giving properties. Combined with Cola Nut and Blackberry to create NERO’s fruity flavor, it is an excellent alternative to pre-workout beverages and energy drinks as it contains 80mg of natural caffeine per drink.




A great way to start your morning workout, SHIRO blends cherry blossom, mallow, ginseng and natural caffeine from the coffee bean to provide a little boost to get things going. With 60mg of natural caffeine per drink, you can skip your coffee or energy drink and get your energy boost with water. With no added sugar or preservatives, turn to SHIRO when the day ahead seems daunting.


Staying hydrated


Along with natural caffeine, another way to ensure you’re well hydrated is by carrying a reusable bottle and making sure it’s full whenever possible. It’s important to hydrate before, during and after physical activities so having a full water bottle on hand at all times will help your body prepare and recover. Check out the new waterdrop® Sports Bottle that was specifically designed to accompany you to any and all activities.


To operate at full capacity we need water, so let’s get drinking!