Microdrink COLA

Refreshingly different: shop Microdrink COLA with real cola nut and zero sugar.


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Limited Edition
Kola Nut - Green Coffee
Glossy Glass
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20 oz · Borosilicate Glass Bottle
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Limited Edition
COLA Glass Set

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Drinking Glass + Borosilicate Glass Straws
Limited Edition
COLA Glass Can

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13.5 oz · Drinking Glass
Limited Edition
COLA Straws
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Made of Borosilicate Glass · Set of 2 · Incl. Cleaning Brush
Ice Tray

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Silicone ice cube tray · for 6 ice sticks · BPA free

The best COLA since cola

One of the most iconic flavors in the world has arrived at waterdrop® – but for a limited time only.

Using still or sparkling water, discover real kola nut and green coffee in the form of our convenient Microdrink COLA. Zero sugar and absolutely no artificial additives.


COLA is 100% sugar-free and contain a touch of sucralose.

Absolutely, COLA is vegan AND gluten-free.