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The sugar-free solution to conventional sodas
Berry, tropical or citrusy? Find your flavor!
Every cube is packed with valuable vitamins
Saves up to 98% plastic & CO2
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Pineberry - Passion Fruit - Prickly Pear
Microdrink Bestseller Set
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48 Microdrink hydration cubes with vitamins · without sugar · 4 flavors
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Microlyte Set
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48 Microlyte Hydration Cubes – Electrolytes, Vitamins & Zinc
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36 Microdrink Hydration Cubes with Vitamins · 3 ICED TEA Flavors
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Starter Set Microdrink Glass

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20 oz, 34 oz · 18 Microdrink Hydration Cubes with Vitamins – Zero Sugar · 20 oz or 34 oz Borosilicate Glass Bottle
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72 Microdrink hydration cubes with vitamins · without sugar · 6 flavors
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20 oz, 14 oz, 34 oz · Vacuum Insulated, Double-Walled Stainless Steel Bottle
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Kola Nut · Green Coffee
Limited Edition
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Blackberry · Blueberry · Apple
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Watermelon - Cucumber - Thyme
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Microlyte – Electrolytes, Vitamins & Zinc
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Pomegranate - Goji Berry - Acerola
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Microenergy Set
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36 Microenergy Hydration Cubes with Natural Caffeine – Zero Sugar · 3 Flavors
Mocktail Book
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45 Recipes · 106 Pages
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LUCY® Smart Cap
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Smart Bottle Cap l Cleans, tracks & reminds
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LOVE Glass Carafe Large (40oz) | waterdrop®

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40 oz · Borosilicate Glass Carafe

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Mirror Thermo Steel
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20 oz, 34 oz · Vacuum Insulated, Double-Walled Stainless Steel Bottle

What is waterdrop?

waterdrop® is a dissolvable cube that helps you drink more water with bursts of delicious flavors made from real fruit and plant extracts.

Water, Drop, Enjoy!


Fill in 15-20oz of still or sparkling water.


Allow the cube to dissolve completely.


Enjoy ice cold for maximum drinking pleasure.

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Open your waterdrop®and just “drop” it into a glass, carafe or bottle of cold drinking water. Lean back for a few moments until the microdrink has fully dissolved. Once ready, enjoy your fruity refreshing drink – anytime, anywhere.

You decide on the intensity of your flavor. We recommend enjoying a waterdrop® in 15-20oz of water. You can use waterdrop®in still or sparkling water – it’s all up to you.

No. Our waterdrops are completely sugar-free. To round off the taste of our botanical extracts with a subtle sweetness, we use a tiny bit of stevia or sucralose. Therefore, all our waterdrops have a maximum of 5 calories per serving and are made for weight-conscious consumption. Furthermore, they are perfectly suitable for diabetics.

You can find a detailed list of ingredients and nutrients next to each 12-Pack under the section "ingredients" and here.

Our waterdrops are produced in a customized and proprietary process under the highest quality standards in the heart of Germany. The fruit and plant extracts included are sourced in different regions from controlled and sustainable partners.  

Our waterdrops contain highly sensitive natural fruit and plant extracts. To protect them against air and moisture, they are wrapped in a recyclable PP case that was developed by a leading team of experts in Germany over a period of two years. This saves you 98% of unnecessary packaging compared to conventional beverages – not to mention the huge amount of transport weight. You can now carry your favourite drink in your pocket anytime, anywhere - from the office to travelling, you have maximum flexibility.

We encourage you to drink plenty of water every day. Our waterdrops are ideal for 15-20oz of water. We recommend that you dose your waterdrops accordingly for you to get in the amount of water that you need - the exact amount will vary for everyone.

Here at waterdrop® we strive to have a drink suited for everyone, which is why we have developed different categories of our little cubes. For children, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we would recommend our Microdrink Collection and some of our Microtea flavors.

Our Microdrink cubes are considered a regular beverage, so you can enjoy the over 10 flavors of our fruity little cubes without any hesitation*. Should you suffer from any specific pregnancy-related intolerances, we suggest consulting with your doctor first. *ZEN and FOCUS contain white tea extract, which might carry traces of caffeine.

Microtea cubes are made to be drunk warm/hot, and some of the flavors contain a bit of caffeine, so we recommend caution with the following varieties: GOLDEN ASSAM (30mg caffeine/cube), and GREEN OASIS (18mg/cube).

The rest of our categories are not recommended for different reasons: All Microenergy flavors contain a significant amount of caffeine (over 60mg/cube). Lastly, the Microlyte flavors, our sports drinks, contain very high amounts of vitamins and minerals, which might not be advisable.

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LOVE Glass Carafe Large (40oz) | waterdrop®
Glass Carafe Large
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Clear Glasses
Clear Glasses
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