LUCY® Smart Cap Set

LUCY® Smart Cap & Glass or Steel Bottle

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Size:20 oz
Color:Glass Clear
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It's time to drink more water with this exclusive LUCY® Smart Cap Set. Complete with a Glass or Stainless Steel Bottle and a LUCY® Smart Cap, you can not only deactivate up to 99.9999% of all bacteria and germs in your water, but effectively improve your water intake when paired with the waterdrop® Hydration App.

A Smart Choice

One is sleek, the other smart: a dynamic duo in every sense. This exclusive LUCY® Smart Cap Set offers everything you need to clean your water quickly and effectively.

With innovation fundamental to its design, the LUCY® Smart Cap can be connected to the waterdrop® Hydration App to not only clean your water, but support optimal hydration with real-time insight into your daily fluid intake.

One sip further.

Life is busy and can distract us from drinking water. With LUCY®'s Reminder function, you'll never forget again. By gentle flashing at regular intervals when your hydration goals haven't been reached, the LUCY® Smart Cap helps get your hydration game back on track.