NERO Frosted Glass Borosilicate Glass Bottle I incl, neoprene sleeve

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Size:20 oz
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Love at frost sight: The beautiful and frosted NERO Bottle, made from high-quality borosilicate glass, helps you drink more water on the go and reduces your carbon footprint. Enjoy sustainable & stylish hydration!

1x Frosted NERO Glass Bottle
→ Choose between 2 beautiful frosted designs
→ Resilient, odor-free and taste-neutral borosilicate glass
→ Available in 20 oz & 34 oz
→ Scratch proof and heat-resistant
→ New, glossy & leak-proof metal cap
→ Easy to clean thanks to extra wide opening
→ Incl. protective and insulating neoprene sleeve* (white)
→ Innovative soft square shape for easy handling
→ Maintenance: Glass Bottle is dishwasher safe. Hand-wash stainless steel cap and bamboo cap.

*The Neoprene Sleeve has a small hole at the bottom, which allows you to place the bottle even more easily in the protective sleeve—pure physics.

Frost & foremost.

The beautiful NERO Bottle features a unique and beautiful frosted design and is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. Drink more water on the go and reduce your carbon footprint with this new and stylish bottle.