Novak Djokovic wearing shirt with waterdrop logo

Welcome to waterdrop®… Novak Djokovic

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We have some big news…

We are delighted to welcome none other than Novak Djokovic, one of the world’s most respected and accomplished tennis players, as an investor and ambassador to join our waterdrop® tennis family.

Why the fuss? waterdrop® continues its mission to shake up the beverage industry to challenge and change the status quo. Determined to raise awareness about the negative impact of unhealthy sugary drinks in plastic bottles—now, we’re not alone in our vision. Novak Djokovic shares our sentiment for change and, with his unique experience, is now supporting waterdrop® to make an even bigger impact.

“Becoming an athlete doesn’t just rely on talent and training, but also on the choices you make for your body,” says Novak Djokovic. “A healthy lifestyle includes proper hydration ​​with no concessions on environmental impact. I believe that by working together, we can make a real difference and get rid of all the plastic bottles on the tour.”

To show his support for waterdrop®, Djokovic will be sporting the waterdrop® logo on his sleeve at major tournaments such as the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.

Why waterdrop®?

Since 2016, waterdrop® has challenged the traditional output of the beverage industry by introducing the Microdrink, and subsequently a global hydration platform. Underpinned by a mission to encourage people to drink more water, waterdrop® is committed to a conscious approach to the environment and a sustainable way of working; reducing both packaging and CO2 by shipping just the essence of a drink. Most recently, waterdrop® entered the sports drink market with the launch of Microlyte: a sugar-free cube that primarily focuses on sports recovery. Available in three flavors, each Microlyte contains five electrolytes, nine vitamins and zinc, and as per the entire waterdrop® portfolio, a penchant for eliminating bottle waste thanks to its convenient, dissolvable form.

Now with the launch of Microlyte, waterdrop® can hydrate you when you need it the most—both during and after sport. And as means of amplifying our passion and commitment to sports hydration, waterdrop® is delighted to support US players Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz as waterdrop® tennis athletes, as well as working towards turning ATP tournaments into plastic bottle-free events with the introduction of innovative hydration benches.

waterdrop® Hydration Bench

“I'm so proud to welcome someone with such an unwavering champion spirit and mental strength,” said CEO and founder of waterdrop®, Martin Murray. “He's truly committed to the planet and has deep knowledge about the importance of hydration. His dedication for healthy and sustainable living aligns perfectly with our mission. We are confident that with Novak Djokovic's support, we can make a real impact and deeply shake (and change) the beverage industry.”

Ready to join the waterdrop® movement—and make a difference to the planet? Remember: one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world and, according to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, only 9% is recycled. And now with Novak Djokovic, we can’t wait to work together today, with the intent of bigger change tomorrow.