Festival gooers at the Palm tree crew festival sponsored by waterdrop® holding limited Thermo steel bottles

waterdrop® x Palm Tree Music Festival 2024

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On June 22nd, the idyllic Hamptons played host to an extraordinary collaboration of music, lifestyle, and sustainability. Bringing together sustainable hydration and house music for the first time, the Palm Tree Music Festival—founded by the iconic DJ Kygo and his manager Myles Shear—delivered an unforgettable experience with acts like Kygo, Sofi Tukker and Swedish House Mafia headlining the event. 

The best beats call for the best drops

As the Official Bottle Partner for the festival, waterdrop® welcomed festival-goers with a hydration experience that was both refreshing and sustainable. Attendees got to sample our best-selling ICED TEAs and enjoyed a sneak peek of our Limited Summer Collection at our waterdrop® booth that was buzzing with people all day. Our Limited Edition waterdrop® x PTC Thermo Steel Bottles, rendered in vibrant designs inspired by the tropical atmosphere of the Palm Tree Festival, were also a big hit as festival-goers grabbed their latest rave buddy to help them stay hydrated. With our resident DJ keeping the atmosphere lively and energetic and our Hydristas serving up fruity refreshments, it was a flawless blend of hydration and entertainment that came together to complement the festival perfectly.




Who dropped it like it’s hot?

The festival’s lineup did not disappoint. Sofi Tukker presented a unique blend of electronic dance music that set the tone for the start of what would be an iconic summer night in the Hamptons. Kygo then delivered a captivating performance debuting his newest release, The KYGO Album which he described as his most profound curation to date and just when we thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, Swedish House Mafia closed the event with an electrifying set that left the crowd wanting more. 


Sick beats meet healthy hydration

This year’s Palm Tree Music Festival underscored the importance of enjoying life’s pleasures responsibly. With innovative hydration solutions, festival-goers could stay hydrated easily and enjoy delicious drinks without compromising on sustainability. As our ethos has always been to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions, this aligned perfectly with the festival’s vision of creating a greener, more mindful celebration of music and community and the combination of world-class music and our hydration solutions culminated in a festival experience that was both exhilarating and innovative.

To conclude, the Palm Tree Music Festival set a new standard for how we can celebrate and protect our planet simultaneously. A remarkable fusion of music, lifestyle and sustainability, we are proud to declare it an all-round success as we, alongside Palm Tree Crew, took a significant step forward in promoting environmental consciousness within the festival scene—here’s to many more!