waterdrop® All-Purpose Bottle with Flip Lid carried in one hand on a tennis court

waterdrop® Brand Green: Behind Our New Color

Is color more than a design? To many consumers, color is merely a decorative attribute, however, brands continue to use color to establish identity, distinguish their products, and ultimately connect with consumers on a deeper level. 

Contrary to logos, slogans and other design components, color can influence everything from a consumer’s emotional response and opinion, to a change of attitude and their purchasing decision. Therefore, the landscape of branding, color and visual communication, although complex, is fundamental to perception, development, and above all, success. 

For waterdrop®, color is used to communicate our identity, our mission, and to further articulate our brand DNA—all elements embodied in our all-new Brand Green

“Our brand green is an homage to all aspects of nature—connecting all fruits and plants, as well as our commitment to sustainability." - Christoph Hermann, Chief Product Officer


Signaling our connection to natural ingredients and sustainability, whilst exuding stability, prosperity and growth, Brand Green is a vibrant and fresh declaration of our core values, designed specifically for those who share our affinity for both conscious consumption and better hydration.

Beginning with our new Bottle Collection, Brand Green will be integrated into every aspect of waterdrop®, symbolizing our distinctive association with nature and wider vision for a sustainable future.